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Travis by Nicole Edwards Blog Tour and double giveaway


Review: 5 smoking hot stars
I was gifted a copy of Travis in return for an honest review.

OMgoodness ladies will I ever get enough of the Walker brothers?  The answer is nope NEVER.
Who doesn't love all of the smoking hot cowboys and all their kinky ways(fanning myself). Travis is my favorite of the Alluring Indulgence books so far.  I could not put it down.  As I was reading and things were about to happen I would hold my breath or talk to myself.  You know you all do it.  You see things coming and you're like OMG or ooohhhh this is going to get good.

So ladies I could go on for HOURS about the story and all the juicy details that are involved with Travis trying to figure his love life out after what happened at the end of Zane but I'm afraid I don't want to ruin it for ya'll.  You need to read it and I don't to be the one to spoil the experience. I will say Nicole Edwards knows how to bring the hotness.  This book is so stinking hot I was almost embarrassed reading it in front of my family(not out loud).  I felt like they just knew by looking at me lol.

Besides all of the steamy sex there is an amazing story being told in this book.  Nicole drew me in from the beginning and she always makes me fall in love with the character.  She has an amazing talent and I can't wait to read about the rest of the Walker brothers.

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About the author:

About me... hmmm...

Ok, I've been asked to provide a little bit of "real" information about myself. That's harder to do than you think it is, especially for someone who has difficulty talking about themselves. ;) But, here goes...

I've been writing for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was a kid, I loved creative writing and as I got older, I got acquainted with those voices in my head and that led to putting my stories on paper. And now, here I am all these years later, spending my days doing what I love most. I decided to give myself over to writing full time in 2012 and I haven't looked back. I spent nearly 13 years in the corporate world and I have to say, this is a bit of a change (just a little) and I am loving every second of it.

I live in Texas with my husband and three amazing kids and our two beloved dogs. If I'm not writing, I'm usually reading. I devour everything I can get my hands on. I love romance of any type and being an Indie author myself, I'm always looking for new Indies to support. I haven't always been into reading, but about eleven years ago, I picked up a book - I'm pretty sure it was by Nora Roberts - and from there, I haven't stopped. Before I began writing full time, and my characters started taking up so much of my time, I was reading about 200 books a year. That has dwindled somewhat, but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't read.

An interesting fact... I don't watch television - aside from the occasional news anyway. I will go see a movie or two rarely, but for the most part, I get all of my entertainment from a book. Some of my favorite authors include J.R. Ward, Suzanne Brockmann, Lora Leigh, Jane Rylon, Lori Foster, and Jaci Burton just to name a few.

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Bare Assets by M.L. Stephens Release Day


With nothing but shattered dreams and a busted heart to fuel the way, Angela Fletcher drove out of Arkansas and never looked back.

Six years later, the new and improved version of the girl she used to be steered clear of romance, love and late night promises. The only pillow talk Angela engaged in these days, was making sure the person on the other pillow knew to lose her number as soon as he left the bed. She only had room for one love in her life and that was Bare Assets, the gentleman's club she poured her heart and soul into.

Dean Murray was the devil in disguise and had left behind enough broken hearted women to populate a small country. Angela would know. She was an expert markswoman who was skillfully self-trained at shooting down the good, the bad and the ugly of all masculine targets. After all, as the owner of the most successful strip club in Dallas, Texas, it was her business to know men.

Just as she begins to fall for Dean's silky words and passionate ways, her past and present unexpectedly collide and a meticulously planned future turns into unpredictable chaos. Is the smooth talking, denim wearing devil responsible for the chaos? Or have the secrets she left buried in Arkansas, coming back to haunt her?

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Changing the subject before it became too serious, Angie opened the bedroom door and glanced over her shoulder. "I don't know about you, but I haven't had a single thing to eat all day. If I don't get something soon, I'm going to eat the wood off this door."

Grinning from ear to ear, he had to say it, "I have something to appease your appetite, but I'm afraid the door doesn't play into my lust filled scenario."

Laughing, she tightened the rope on her robe and wittily responded, "I would love to take part in your version of a meal, but I'm afraid I need to rely on the basic food groups for now."

"And why is that?" he asked, joining her at the door.

"Something tells me that once I truly get a taste of you, I may never want to leave this room again.
About the author:

I'm always clicking away at the keyboard, but when I'm not, my family, two dogs, and a very peculiar cat keep me on my toes! There's never a boring moment at my desk!

Besides my obvious love for coffee and all things caffeinated, I love to travel. The occasional tourist stop is fun, but I'm a back road kind of gal. Take me off the beaten path. I want to meet the ordinary people behind the culture.

My crazy family includes a husband, four kids, two grandbabies, two dogs and a cat. That's right. Life is totally insane, and so I write.

Speaking of writing, I've been spinning stories around the campfire since I can remember. Poetry was second nature and as a teen and young adult, short stories were constantly being penned. I'm an avid reader who loves almost all genres. Let's face it! A good read is a good read, regardless of whether it takes place in the future, the present, the past or with ghosts.

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Adam's Apple by Liv Morris Blog Tour


Adam Kingsley reigns as the young prince of Manhattan. Everything he touches turns to gold making him the envy of Wall Street. Women swoon at his feet, money falls out of his pockets, and his killer good looks are as wicked as sin. A dangerous trifecta.

What more could a thirty-two year old man wish for? Maybe that his life never changes and his past stays far away? Sounds reasonable but life seldom is.

Kathryn Delcour is a beautiful and alluring socialite with unique erotic tastes. When she suddenly appears on the New York City social scene, Adam finds her too tempting to resist. He has to have her, but she is warned to stay away from him and his player ways. She tries her hardest to keep him at arm's length however Kathryn's arms may not be strong enough to hold Adam at bay.

Hidden secrets, Kathryn's passion for an ancient sexual practice, and a former business partner wanting to inflict a deadly revenge set the scene for a wild ride as Adam tells the story in his own words.

Review: 4.5 stars

This cover is beautiful and I really liked the story.  As I started reading this book I was thinking to myself something is off here.  The wording or something is different.  Then it hit me the wording is off because it's written in the male POV.  I guess I was a little slow that day.  This is the first book I have read that is written completely in the male POV and I loved it.  After reading so many books from the female POV it was refreshing to have it not seem so mushy. Sometimes it was funny how blunt his thoughts were.

I loved the story of a developing relationship that changes the player but at the same time the story has drama.  At times I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next.  Especially towards the end but that's all you get from me ladies.

I love the chemistry between Kathryn and Adam.  No matter how many people warn her against him she is willing to give him a chance. Then you add in the tantric sex aspect and it get hot.  I can't wait for more of the series and more of Kathryn teaching Adam about tantric sex. Grab this book and see hot their tantric experience is.

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Liv Morris resides in Manhattan with her first and hopefully last husband. After relocating eleven times during his corporate career, she qualifies as a professional mover. Learning to bloom where she's planted, Liv brings her moving and life experiences to her writing. 
Liv received a degree in communication from the University of Maryland. She has published five short stories in the Love in the City series. Her debut novel, Adam's Apple, is due for release this summer.
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Conflict by M.S. Willis Blog Tour Double Review and Giveaway

***Content Warning - This is a new adult fiction with mature themes. It contains graphic sexual situations, mature language and explicit description of sexual violence.***

Conflict is the second book in the Control series. This description contains spoilers for those who have not read book one in the series, entitled Control.

Private Investigator, Paige Stone has always appreciated the independence of her life, however, her world was pitched upside down when she and her roommates were attacked and nearly killed. As a result of the attack by Chris, Paige now finds herself dependent upon Daemon Pierce for a place to live as she hides from Chris. Paige has never lived with a man before and demands that Daemon consider her a "roommate" only, even though it goes against her own desires.

Strong-willed and arrogant, Daemon Pierce has been working hard to protect Paige from Chris and from herself. Letting go of his life as a womanizer, Daemon tries to prove to Paige that she can trust him, even though he refuses to enlighten her as to his past. Daemon struggles to comply with Paige's ridiculous demand to be "roommates" and quickly finds that he has fallen in love with the girl who does nothing but push him away.

Chris is still on the loose and Paige becomes impatient at the amount of time it is taking the authorities to apprehend him. Paige takes it upon herself to hunt Chris down, while still refusing to ask for Daemon's assistance. When Paige discovers a message left by Chris, she devices a plan to locate him while keeping Daemon in the dark as to her plans. Paige's emotional journey once again places her in dangerous situations and when secrets are revealed and decisions are made, Paige has no choice but to look deep within herself to see if she can finally trust the man who will stop at nothing to save her.

Laura's Review:
Conflict has made it official that if M.S. Willis writes it I will read it. I loved it!  However, I couldn't pick a favorite between Control and Conflict because they were both amazing and she did such a great job of picking the story up where she left off and continuing it.  In my opinion the fact that there is the continuity and that I can’t pick one from the other highlights her level of writing.
As I was reading I let out a little sigh and smiled.  It felt like I was catching up with friends I haven’t seen for a while.  I did miss Alex and Annie but it made sense with the story line that they would have smaller roles in this part of the story.  I’m sure we will see more of both of them in Conquer and I can’t wait.
Paige and Daemon, wow, are they hot!!! Even when they weren't hot and heavy in the bedroom they were still steamy.  I loved the development of the two as a couple throughout this book and the story line with them had me in tears at one point.  That’s all I’ll say about that J.
However, I have to say that David really got me in this book.  I wish he was my best friend.  He is so funny and he is always there to support Paige, no matter how crazy her schemes are.  I was cracking up often but I laughed so hard at the exchange between him and Mrs. Hugsmybottom! I got strange looks from my coworkers from all the laughing.
M.S. Willis is an amazing author and she brought these characters to life for me and in both books took me on a roller coaster of emotions.  I can’t wait for Conquer so I can see my friends again.

Stephanie's Review:
Do y'all know how much I love M.S. Willis's books??  Conflict is her second published book and it's a continuation of Control, which I thought was the best book I read all year.  It still is one of them.  Conflict picks up right where Control left off.  The characters definitely come to life in these books and you feel like they are your friends.  You're right there watching everything unfold.  I love books like this.

So, back to our favorite characters, Paige and Daemon.  Daemon is housing Paige in his condo so he can help protect her from Chris.  Y'all know that crazy Psycho Chris??  I mean, really.  Some people will just loose their minds because they were rejected.  Get a life dude!  

Did I mention Paige and Daemon?  Boy, howdy!  Their sexual chemistry is off the chart H.O.T.  I don't see how these two have refrained from having hot monkey sex for so long.  Daemon has the makings of a saint!  Once they finally come together...WOW.  H.O.T.  

But this book is more than hot monkey sex.  It's about an unstable individual gunning to hurt friends and loved ones of the one girl who turned him down.  Everyone is afraid for Paige...except Paige.  She is one stubborn cookie.  What will it take for her to get it through her head, Chris is a no joke bad dude???  (read the book, so you can see how bad!)

The third and final book for Paige and Daemon comes out next month.  I'm so excited to see how their story ends.  Paige has had lots to process about the people she has surrounded herself with.  Will she learn to lean on Daemon?  How will things be between Paige and Alex?  What will become of David & Annie?

Look for Conquer release toward the end of August to see how and where this story goes.

5 Stars from Laura
5 Stars from Stephanie
10 Star review!!

Author Bio:
M.S. Willis is a romance novelist whose debut novel, Control, was released in 2013.  Although currently writing in the romance genre, Willis has plans to expand her literary pursuits into multiple genres and has no fear conquering difficult subject matters in her writing.  Willis is a native Floridian who is also a photographer and musician.  When not absorbing herself in written, visual or musical expression, Willis is an adrenaline junkie, a ‘closet’ video game enthusiast, and an avid outdoors person and nature lover.
Visit M.S. Willis on her author page:
Find her on GoodReads here:

Cover Artist Bio: Jason L. Lee
Jason L Lee is a Florida Native. The arts have always been a big part of his life. Science, nature, and spirituality have been inspirations to him. He started displaying his work in 1993. In 1996 he started to venture from drawing & photography into acrylic painting. This led to painting live with local bands starting in 1998. His paintings are now created mainly at home. He uses a combination of impressionistic and illustrative painting techniques to create fantastical imagery. He is currently a Scenic Artist working for The Nassal Company and Co-Founder of the Arts Hub Organization.

Dragonfly Necklace Creator:  Verita Bolin
  I started making jewelry in the 80's. In middle school I sold bracelets. In 2004 I started selling my jewels to the public.  I went to The William Holland School of Lapidary Arts to learn stone identification, wire wrapping, and chain making. In 2009 I met Jason L Lee, an artist and curator.  He liked my jewelry and invited me to display in Creative Spirit Art Gallery, at 1st Friday Art Strolls and on Orange Ave.  I have a company with my mother, Tita. We set up all over Florida, have an Etsy store, and Facebook page. People around the country own my jewelry.

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A Tattered Love by Nickie Seidler Cover Reveal

Riley Miller wants nothing more than to leave her past behind and never speak of it again. The damage of what’s happened has made her build walls to keep people out. Starting over isn't easy. After a move to Cape Cod to escape the dark and haunting secrets, she meets Abby and Evan, who instantly become her best friends. Riley is shy and quiet, trying to break out of her shell with her friend’s help. Just when life settles into a comfortable routine, Riley meets Evan's friend Dustin and life as she knows it will never be the same. Looking for love is the last thing on Dustin’s to do list, if it’s even on there at all. Living with some pretty big secrets of his own, Dustin tries to keep from getting in too deep with anyone. But, he finds himself drawn to the timid but stunning Riley. Can they accept the past and develop a relationship? Or will the skeletons in their closet keep them from ever moving on?

About the Author:

Born and raised in the Chicago-land area, Nickie Seidler is a up and coming young author. Her new-found dream of being a writer has led to the completion of her first book "A Lucky Second Chance". Nickie is married, and when not writing, enjoys cooking new recipes for them to try, water aerobics, car racing and spending quality time with family and friends.

Find her: website  FACEBOOK, GOODREADS, and TWITTER

Love Resisted by Melanie Conida Cover Reveal

For Allie Baxter, love was never something she had to worry about. She was loved by her friends, her family, her husband … until the day it was ripped away. Losing love was the deepest pain Allie had ever endured, and it was an agony she vowed to avoid feeling ever again. Crippled with guilt over her loss, for five years Allie served her self-appointed exile from the daily comforts offered by friends and family, only to return and attempt to fit herself back into their open arms—even if she knew she didn’t deserve it. Mike Lawson was not something Allie expected; the love of a man was not something Allie was prepared to want. The spark of desire that had long ago died inside her suddenly returned, bringing the memories of her pain with it. She swore she would never allow herself to love again … but how long could love be resisted?


Allie stepped out her front door and immediately missed the cool air-conditioned condo she just left. It took a moment to adjust to the heat in the air as she locked her front door. Southern California may not be hot and humid like the east coast, but this was a hot for San Diego in June. It should make for long afternoon at her nephews outdoor graduation. She was making her way down the steps when she heard her neighbor’s voice, “Well don’t you clean up nice.” She wasn’t expecting to run into Mike Lawson just yet, so it caught her totally off guard and she stopped abruptly. If she were being completely honest with herself, she had hoped to avoid him entirely—forever would be good—but since they were neighbors, it wasn’t a realistic expectation. Her need to avoid him and all of his hotness was becoming a strong necessity for her self-preservation.

His ability to melt her with only a smile was beginning to wear her down. Her only defense against him was to be snarky. Pulling her I’m-the-queen-bitch persona tightly around her, she turned to him, cocked her hip, and placed her fist appropriately as she said, “That implies that you think I look like shit the rest of the time, Lawson. You really need to work on how to compliment a lady.” Raising her eyebrows at him in challenge, she continued while gesturing to her entire body, “I’ll have you know, this is just another level of fabulous I'm demonstrating here.”

The man had the nerve to throw a huge grin her way, once again showing her that he was not fazed in the slightest by her snarky attitude. Just another reason to stay the hell away from the man, she thought as she finished making her way down the steps. It was becoming harder to ignore him on a physical level. Not to mention the fact that he made her belly flutter and her heart rate pick up when she saw him. Every time she thought about his effect on her, it pissed her off. She knew it was paramount to resist him at all costs.

What she really needed to do was move the hell out of the condo near his. The problem with that was, she loved her new place. Well, it wasn’t hers yet, but she planned on making an offer when the landlord’s lease was up. Even though she only found this place because of Mike, she secretly hoped he would randomly up and move, solving her problem immediately. She really wanted to stay there. It finally felt that she had come to a point where she was okay being alone, and she wasn’t living with a ghost anymore. It was almost like she had moved on … maybe a little bit … almost. But just because she felt that way, didn’t mean that she had moved on, moved on. That wasn’t about to happen, may never happen ever again … she couldn’t let it.

Her thoughts were interrupted by McHottness himself when he fell into step next to her and said, “Maybe so, but then how else would I get that fire snapping in your eyes? Mission accomplished if you ask me.” Shocked by his blatant admittance that he was trying to rile her up, she swung her head his direction to say something when he winked at her. Once again shocking her and rendering her temporarily speechless. She was this close to kicking him in the shin when he continued, “I take it you are on your way to the graduation as well. Want a lift?”

Thankful for his question to bring her out of her shocked moment, she said. “A lift? It’s more like a hoist. I need a damn trampoline to get up into that truck of yours.” And as if the great Gods of Nastiness were smiling down on her, she snatched the opportunity to up her game from snarky to bitchy. “Just what kind of message are you trying to put out there anyway? Everyone knows a big truck like that only says the owner suffers from little dick complex.”

They were walking and had made their way around back to where the garages were located so she didn’t see, only heard him huff a laugh before saying. “There certainly is no little dick to have a complex about. I assure you …” He mumbled something at the end, but she didn’t catch it. Not wanting to prolong the conversation she ignored the desire to ask him to repeat himself. Pointing her keys at the shiny red Mini-Cooper to unlock it when Mike popped the bottom of her outstretched hand, causing her keys to fly up in the air.

As soon as they were airborne, he reached out and grabbed them before she could process what was happening. Shocked again, she looked over at him only to see that damn smile once more before snarling at him, “What the hell did you do that for?”

“I offered you a ride, you didn’t decline, only mocked my truck. Therefore, by not rejecting it, you inadvertently accepted it.” He shrugged, smiled bigger, and finished with, “Well, at least in my book you did, so get in the truck, Baxter.” Turning away from her, he walked toward his truck, her keys in hand. Still a little startled at his maneuver to get her keys, yet slightly impressed since it was something she would do, she stood there and watched as he made his way to the oversized truck. When he stopped at the passenger door and looked back at her, he laughed and said, “Oh come on, I’ll give you a boost. And I won’t even try to look up your skirt … scouts’ honor.”

Shaking her head, she made her way toward him as she grumbled, “Is that the box-car-building kind of scout or the cookie-peddling ones? I bet you probably looked great in that green sash.” Tossing her purse on the floorboard of the truck, she reached up and grabbed the handle to lift herself in but turned her head and looked back at him over her shoulder. “I bet the little beret looked good, too.”

Feeling like she had been bitchy enough to make him not want to have her for company, she turned back to the open truck door. Preparing to jump in, she let out a squeal when Mike’s big hands wrapped around her waist and hefted her effortlessly into the cab. Turning quickly to glare down at him for doing such a thing, she only met his intent stare as he said, “I look good in anything I wear sweetheart. Now buckle up, wouldn’t want you to fall out or anything.” And then he closed the door.
Author Bio:

Melanie is an amazing mother of four, an awesome and tolerant wife to one, and nurse to many. If you don’t believe her, just ask anyone in her family, they know what to say. She is also a devoted chauffeur, the keeper of missing socks, a genius according to a six year old, the coolest soccer uniform coordinator according to a twelve year old, and the best damn ‘mac-n-cheese-with-cut-up-hot-dog maker in the whole world. Well that last title isn’t really official, but it’s still pretty cool to be called it.
When not being ordered around by any of the kids, you can find her with her nose in a book or on the sideline of a soccer game cheering on one team or another. But that’s mostly because she has a thing for the coach. When she is not doing all of the above, you can find her obsessed with a group of fictional characters all vying for a spot on the page of whatever she’s working on. It’s a fun and crazy life to lead, but wouldn’t have it any other way.


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King Hall by Scarlett Dawn

A fresh, meaty, sink-your-teeth-in-and-hold-on-tight new adult fantasy series kicks off with King Hall…

King Hall — where the Mysticals go to learn their craft, get their degrees, and transition into adulthood. And where four new Rulers will rise and meet their destinies.

Lily Ruckler is adept at one thing: survival. Born a Mystical hybrid, her mere existence is forbidden, but her nightmare is only about to start. Fluke, happenstance, and a deep personal loss finds Lily deeply entrenched with those who would destroy her simply for existing — The Mystical Kings. Being named future Queen of the Shifters shoves Lily into the spotlight, making her one of the most visible Mysticals in the world. But with risk comes a certain solace — her burgeoning friendships with the other three Rulers: a wicked Vampire, a wild-child Mage, and a playboy Elemental. Backed by their faith and trust, Lily begins to relax into her new life.

Then chaos erupts as the fragile peace between Commoners and Mysticals is broken, and suddenly Lily realises the greatest threat was never from within, and her fear takes on a new name: the Revolution.

OMG...y'all.  I have got to say that King Hall is rivaling the Control series for my #1 spot in 2013.  About a month ago Scarlett posted on Facebook looking for blogs that would suit her book so we could read it early and let you know about King Hall as it publishes, tomorrow, August 1, 2013.  I of course responded to see if Stephanie's Book Reports would be "good enough!"  I was approved!  Whoop!  Ok, so while I was waiting to get the book I kept wondering why there was an approval process and of course how good will this debut novel be?

HOLY COW! I can say without a shadow of a doubt y'all need to buy this book TODAY!  I am a fan of paranormal books, especially ones with romance involved.  So, let's get into the story.  Lily Ruckler is a hybrid Mystical that should have never been allowed to live.  She's half shifter, half vampire.  Her vampire father doesn't know she exists.  Lily is raised attending human, or Commoner, schools until it's time for her to attend King Hall.  King Hall is a prestigious school for Mysticals and here is where she meets her mate.  He is the Prodigy (King to be) of the Shifters.  Now, I'm not spoiling this story for you, but let's just say Lily finds herself the Prodigy (Queen to be) of the Shifters.  She's forced to study three years of Mystical schooling in one year.  

There are three other Mystical Prodigies, and these four become fast friends, and share most all about themselves.  The current Kings can not understand why these four are so close and try many times to separate them through out the year.  Each time they prove to the Kings they're better together than they are apart.  

This book is full of exciting drama, little bit of steamy, and a whole lot of mischief.  When I was reading this book I stayed up to 1 AM to finish, as I'd been reading it all day, and when I got to the end I was like...NOOOOOO!!!  I sent Scarlett a message on Facebook telling her she had to be kidding me!  LOL  I am beside myself waiting for book #2!  

It's over the moon good, people.  5+ stars for Scarlett Dawn's DEBUT novel, King Hall!

Find Scarlett here on Facebook.  

Find Scarlett here on GoodReads.

Watch the Kign Hall trailer:

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Beautiful Broken Rules by Kimberly Lauren Blog Tour & Giveaway

What happens when you create rules to keep others out?

One thing Emerson Moore has come to terms with is that she is the school slut. She knows her way around a frat house and how to get what she wants. She doesn’t make any excuses for her actions and she doesn’t pretend to be anything different. She is who she is and with that she knows how to have a good time. She’s made rules to keep relationships at bay and avoid the demons of her past.

When her best friend, Cole has his two friends from back home move in with him she begins to think she has met her match with Jaxon Riley. Jax is the perfect mixture of tattooed muscle and a sweet-talking mouth. With “hand” written notes, a voice that exudes sex and knowing just how to get under her skin, Jaxon learns how to break all the rules. But will he just end up breaking her heart anyway?

I was really intrigued by this story when I read the synopsis.  I wanted to read this book to see how the story would end.  The female lead, Emerson (Em) Moore felt she had nothing to give to a relationship.  She would just screw it up or the man she was committed to would either leave her, cheat, or die.  She didn't think she would survive any of that happening.  

All alone in the world, orphaned, and an only child Em embraces her sexuality and settles on 3 rules when it comes to men.  The 3rd being never to sleep w/ a man more than 3 times.  That works well for her until she meets Jaxon Riley.  He's the male version of Emerson, and the only person who gets away calling her by her full name.  

They have a pull and tug relationship/friendship.  Of course it's bumpy.  Mjor issues, etc.  I thought this story was well written and the book flowed very well.  Y'all know I'm not going to give away any secrets on this book.  You'll have to buy it and read it.  It's worth it.  I would have liked to have seen an epilogue of 5-10 years down the road at the end of the book.  But was satisfied otherwise how it ended.  

4 Stars to Beautiful Broken Rules!

About the Author:
I'm a wanderer, an adventurer, a traveler.

I want to see it all. I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list.

"She travels the world & home is always in her heart."

Lately if I'm not traveling or chasing a toddler, I'm writing. Which is weird because I hated writing in college. Oh wait, that's because that was boring. Who really wants to sit there and cite all your sources into APA format? Not this girl. Writing for yourself is enjoyable and cathartic. Please try it. Then tell me about because I love indie authors.

When I was 19, I packed up and followed my high school sweetheart from Texas to California. We had a blast living it up in San Diego. Four years later we made a crazy decision and packed up again and moved to Germany. What? Yep, you read that right. Guess what? Best decision ever! We OWNED Europe. For three years we saw as much as we possibly could. We lived an hour outside of France, a couple from Switzerland and Italy. Most amazing time of my life. Please go out there and see the world, you won't regret it. After Europe we moved back to California, and for now we're just debating our next adventure.

I earned a degree in Child Development. And now I write novels. Makes perfect sense! I write because I walk around all day with these stories in my head. It's nice to be able to get them out of my head in an organized fashion. I hope that someone out there enjoys them, because I have enjoyed so many others'.

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2 signed paperbacks (US Only)

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Forever Breathing by Heather Allen Blog Tour

Ever Harding has finally found where she belongs, with Jack in the sea. Just when she thought she could start her new life, a new threat forms on the horizon. She must make her biggest choice yet. Is she willing to risk everything to save the love of her life and all she holds dear?

James discovers yet again that his purpose is greater than anything he could ever imagine. He thought he had it all figured out, but sometimes things can be very deceiving. Is he willing to stand up for all he believes is right?

In the final book of the ‘Just Breath’ trilogy, Ever and James find themselves not against each other but fighting together to preserve the freedoms of others. Will they be able to defend the right to choose when the odds are hugely against them?


Ever Teaser:

We enter the Erebus caves and I shudder at the thought of being on my own in an unknown place. Jaspen meets us in his new favorite room, the one filled with maps. He must feel powerful in there or something. Truth be told, I wouldn’t be showing off the fact that a city twice the size of this one is coming to defeat us, but I never really understood Jaspen.

"Ever, there you are, yet again, the most important person in our fight."

I catch the look on Jack’s face as he hears this. It seems like a touch of fear. I have to assure them both that I can do this. I push back my shoulders and try to make myself a little taller.

"Yep, that’s me." My voice does not exude the confidence I need, at least not in my ears.

Jaspen chuckles, which seems to annoy Jack even more. Maybe Amber was right. Maybe he is going to do an ‘Ever’ and lose it when I’m gone. I definitely can’t let that happen. I grab his hand and squeeze a little tighter than I mean to.

He looks over startled, "Whoa there killer."

I smirk uneasily and loosen my grip.

He brings my hand to his lips and kisses it gently.

"Hey, it’s going to be alright."

When exactly did the tables turn here? A minute ago I was afraid Jack was going to lose it, now suddenly I’m teetering on the edge.

Jaspen speaks up amused by our little interlude, "Do you understand what you need to do?"

I nod repeating what he told me the other day, "Find Alex and when I get there convince him that I changed my mind about…being with him." My voice cracks at the last part. I’m sad that Jack must hear this. It betrays us.

I continue, "Find out their plan of attack when, and how many people they have fighting, and what weapons they are using."

Jaspen responds, "Yes, and don’t forget…"

We both say at the same time, "Find out who is leading this attack."

He turns and tells us, "I’ll leave you to say your good-byes."

As the door closes Jack gathers me in his arms. His touch shoots the familiar sparks through my body and I focus as they travel down my fin and up into my neck. He lowers his face to my ear and whispers, "Ever, I love you. You are my heart. Please come back to me."

A tear rolls down my cheek. I move my face so my lips meet his and we kiss. This definitely will not be our last.

We pull apart and his hand lingers caressing my cheek.

"I’ll see you soon."

I smile and tell him, ‘I love you!"

I back away and close my eyes before I can have second thoughts. I feel his hand fall from my face and focus on the water far away to the South. It stirs around me and I can tell before I open my eyes that the light in the water has changed positions. I open my eyes and see the most incredible and scary sight all at the same time. The city is far in front of me. It is immense and beautiful. My stomach does a flip and I tell myself, stay strong.

Review: 5 stars
I was gifted all three of these book in exchange for an honest review. 
I decided that I had to read this trilogy when I saw the covers they are just beautiful!  I was excited when the chance to do the tour came up and I got to read all of them. Then I was a little nervous when I heard that it was a trilogy about mermaids.  I have never read a mermaid book before and I wasn't sure what to expect.  Well I loved it! I read all three of them and once I picked up the first one I couldn't put them down until I finished the last one. So this review may end up being about how much I love the trilogy as a whole because I read them back to back and loved them all.  It was so much more than I expected.  The series is a story of love, friendship, family, and fighting to figure out what is right.

Heather did an amazing job of writing the story so you are just engrossed in the characters and their lives that you forget about everything but the story.  I loved how the relationships grow and intertwine between the group of characters.

In Forever breathing she continues the story and without getting to much into it provides a fantastic love story, action, and the happy ending the readers all hope for even if it was a bumpy rode to get there.

I say don't be worried about the mermaid story like I was and read the series.

Get them all today:

About the Author:
Heather Allen is the author of Just Breathe, Barely Breathing, and Forever Breathing. Heather lives in sunny Florida with her husband and three children. She has dedicated her life to education for the past fifteen years with a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership. She finally realized her dream of becoming an author only recently. She savors every moment on this new journey and continues to touch the lives of children now, not only through teaching but also her books.
Find her at: Twitter: @kelconcar Her Blog Facebook Goodreads


Friday, July 26, 2013

Undying Love by Teresa Mummert Cover Reveal

Cover designed by Berto Designs

Novellas one through three of the Undying Love Vampire Series combined to make a full length novel. Bonus: map of Beisa, Pennsylvania It tells the story of a young girl with a chip on her shoulder, braving it in a world in which she feels utterly alone. That is until she meets Caleb. The much anticipated book two of the series is titled 9 Lives. It continues the tale of Kat and Caleb's turbulent romance with a supernatural twist. Kat Fight, book three, will break all the rules and force readers to choose sides. Nothing is what is seems in this mind-bending tale.

Everything I've Never Had by Lynetta Halat Cover Reveal & Giveaway

Title: Everything I’ve Never Had
Author: Lynetta Halat
Cover Designer: Sarah Hansen at Okay Creations.

Release date: 9/2/2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Celeste Hebert has always appeared to have it all, but there are many things she's never had, been forbidden from having.

One night. One song. One kiss. The perfect trifecta to unleash the floodgates of a forbidden attraction between the widow and her husband’s bad boy cousin, Adrian.

Celeste endeavors to rebury the feelings that surface after this one night since her powerful family despises him. Kindred spirits, best of friends they attempt to douse their attraction; however, Adrian always seems to know exactly how to push her buttons and may prove too much to resist.

Having defied his family by making his way on his own terms, Adrian struggles to regain their acceptance. When he meets his cousin’s wife and wants her for his own, he feels he’s finally lived down to the title—black sheep. But, when his cousin dies unexpectedly, Adrian fights his attraction and swears to honor them both by helping her raise her boys.

Finding himself enveloped in a cocoon of love and acceptance, Adrian knows it’s more than just physical attraction. However, unforeseen events threaten to destroy those he now holds dear and his newfound peace.

Will the ties that bind them be their undoing?

Excerpt #1—Everything I’ve Never Had by Lynetta Halat—Sept. 2013 (Unedited and subject to change.)

Adrian runs his hands up my arms and shoulders until they grasp both sides of my neck to tilt my head back so that I'm staring straight into his arctic blue eyes. I immediately start trembling, and it's not with fear. "Celeste, I'm begging you not to leave here looking like that. You look gorgeous, babe, but I can't sit here all night wondering who's hitting on you, who's imagining moving that scrap of fabric over to get a glimpse at what is..."

"What is what?" I breathe heavily.

"What is underneath it all." His brow wrinkles, and I feel his hands tighten their pleasurably painful grip. "What is underneath it all?"

"Just me, Adrian, just me," I breathe. "That's all."

"So everything then. Just like I thought." He removes one of his hands to run it up the back of my thigh. My eyes widen and I swallow hard.

"That's not a good idea," I whisper. His hand wraps all the way around my thigh, his fingertips coming to rest along the crease of my left cheek. My thigh pulses with fire.

"Why not?" His fingertips tease back and forth a little. Even though it’s a light touch, it feels like his calloused fingertips mark me.

"Why not? Look at us. We can't even have a civil conversation for everything that has passed between us, and you want to further complicate it. What you're doing will further complicate matters."

His hand stills. He exhales loudly and lets his head drop on my chest. "You do this to me. I don't act like this. That day in the park, watching you cross and uncross your legs. Throwing your hair over your shoulder. Laughing without a care in the world. Cheering me on like it was your favorite thing to do! It killed me. Killed me. I've never wanted a woman the way I want you. Never."

His words rain down on me like fiery drops of lust. I close my eyes and rewrite that memory. I thought he was just being an ass, but his unexpected anger was because he was yearning for me. I bite my lip, open my eyes, and shake my head. "It's just because you can't have me, Adrian. I'm nothing special."

"Oh, baby, you have no idea." He runs his nose up my throat, scenting me as he goes. I lean my neck back, giving him more access even as my brain screams at me to run—not walk—out of this room. But when he says, "You're everything to me." My head falls back even further and my eyes close again as I feel him slant his head and attack my chin, throat, and neck with closed-mouth kisses. I hear myself moan and give myself one more little jolt to try to spare myself from this delicious torment that will only end in frustration.

All rights reserved. Copyright Lynetta Halat 2013.

About the author:

For as long as she can remember, Lynetta Halat has lived to read and has written countless stories and plays since she was a young girl. A teacher by day and an avid reader and closet writer by night, she has always dreamt of penning books that people could connect with and remember; and her first novel, Every Rose, was the perfect catalyst to launch her into the world of publishing. Her love of the English language prompted her to attain her master's degree in English from Old Dominion University in Virginia. A self-proclaimed "Coast Girl," she lives in Mississippi with her adorable husband, two amazing sons, and two loveable dogs. She is currently at work on her third book.
Author links:Facebook Website Goodreads Twitter@LynettaHalat

Giveaway: $25 Amazon or Barnes& Noble giftcard

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Searching for Tomorrow by Katie Mac Cover Reveal & Giveaway


What happens when you find the one person who completes you, and then life conspires against you? How do you set your grief and anguish aside? How do you pick up the shattered pieces, put those pieces back together again, and try to move on?

Katie and Tripp met on the playground the first day of third grade when Tripp tried to rescue Katie from Zack, her twin brother. A lifelong friendship that later blossomed into love began that day.

Broken beyond her own ability to repair, Katie boxes her grief up and attempts to raise her three girls the best she can on her own. As time slowly passes, Katie relives her times with Tripp while struggling most days to even get out of bed. She is reminded of him at every turn.

Zack is Katie's twin brother and was Tripp's best friend. Having lost his own love, he dedicates himself to helping Katie put her life back together. Throw in a mother-in-law who torments at every turn and poor Katie can't even find a chance to breathe, much less a desire to somehow search for tomorrow. 

Author Interview:

Tell us 5 surprising things about yourself.
  • 1.     I am a PK. If you know what that means, then you know what that means.
    2.     I have always wanted to be a red head with long, beautiful corkscrew curls.
    3.     No matter what I’m doing, I would rather be outside, day or night, hot or cold, rain or shine.
    4.     I was awarded two separate scholarships when I graduated high school. One was a teaching fellowship and the other was for writing.
    5.     I love to cook, almost as much as I like to eat. I spent a couple of years as a private cook for a local family and loved every minute of it

    What is your writing environment?

At the moment, I have a makeshift office in my pantry! If need be, I can shut the door and cut off part of the noise. I hope to have a more permanent space soon.

One of your favorite quotes.

                  To whom much is given, much is required.          

Random things about my novel.

Just a bit of nonsense. I am Kathryn Anne, and my two sisters are Rebekah Elizabeth and Sarah Margaret. My husband is Channing, and my son is Zachary. One of my daughters is Elizabeth, and I still have to work my daughter Brittany into the book. Highlands is my most favorite place in the world to go when my soul need refreshing. Last, but not least, I actually had a great-grandma Tiddy!

Flirting Questions

What does love feel like? 

Warm, fuzzy, secure, safe, sheltered

How did you meet your significant other? 

In the lobby of the bank that I worked in. I was on all fours under a Christmas tree tightening the screws in the base. What can I say? Baby got back!

If you could take a romantic trip, where would it be? 

Any trip I take with Hubs is romantic. One of his favorite things to do is to whisk me away to wine and dine me.

Do you believe in love at first sight? 

Absolutely! Ask me how I feel about my grandson Grayson!

Author Links


About this author If you are reading this, I think you should know that "About me" sounds so very pretentious to me. I guess that is what I am supposed to write about, so here it goes!

Katie Mac is a simple country girl who likes to spend time with her hubba, hunka hubby, her three kids and her friends. She loves to cook and really loves to eat! During the spring and summer, you will more than likely find her outside puttering around in her garden. When the veggies start coming in, she will probably be sweating over a hot canner in the kitchen, canning all the goodies she is blessed with. Katie likes to hike and go camping, and as a Girl Scout leader, she gets to do this pretty often! On cold winter nights, you will probably find her wrapped in a warm blanket, lost in a good book, while sitting in her rocking chair on the front porch!
Katie was born and raised in North Carolina, and while she loves to travel, she can't imagine ever leaving the mountains that she has come to call home. Not a day goes by that Katie doesn't thank God for abundantly blessing her. He has been so good to her, and she is very grateful. She holds Jeremiah 29:11 very close to her heart and believes it with every fiber of her being. "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Katie loves flip flops, chocolate, sweet tea and dirt between her toes. As far back as she can remember, she's had a book in her hand. Reading has carried her to places she will never go. It has introduced her to people that she will never meet. When life is great and when it is rough, she's always been able to find a book to carry her through. She finally decided to write down some of the stories in her head (yes, be scared) and heart after dawdling around and wasting years dreaming. She hopes you enjoy reading those stories as much as she loves writing them!/span></span><o:p></o:p></div>
<!--EndFragment--><br />

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