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Forever Breathing by Heather Allen Blog Tour

Ever Harding has finally found where she belongs, with Jack in the sea. Just when she thought she could start her new life, a new threat forms on the horizon. She must make her biggest choice yet. Is she willing to risk everything to save the love of her life and all she holds dear?

James discovers yet again that his purpose is greater than anything he could ever imagine. He thought he had it all figured out, but sometimes things can be very deceiving. Is he willing to stand up for all he believes is right?

In the final book of the ‘Just Breath’ trilogy, Ever and James find themselves not against each other but fighting together to preserve the freedoms of others. Will they be able to defend the right to choose when the odds are hugely against them?


Ever Teaser:

We enter the Erebus caves and I shudder at the thought of being on my own in an unknown place. Jaspen meets us in his new favorite room, the one filled with maps. He must feel powerful in there or something. Truth be told, I wouldn’t be showing off the fact that a city twice the size of this one is coming to defeat us, but I never really understood Jaspen.

"Ever, there you are, yet again, the most important person in our fight."

I catch the look on Jack’s face as he hears this. It seems like a touch of fear. I have to assure them both that I can do this. I push back my shoulders and try to make myself a little taller.

"Yep, that’s me." My voice does not exude the confidence I need, at least not in my ears.

Jaspen chuckles, which seems to annoy Jack even more. Maybe Amber was right. Maybe he is going to do an ‘Ever’ and lose it when I’m gone. I definitely can’t let that happen. I grab his hand and squeeze a little tighter than I mean to.

He looks over startled, "Whoa there killer."

I smirk uneasily and loosen my grip.

He brings my hand to his lips and kisses it gently.

"Hey, it’s going to be alright."

When exactly did the tables turn here? A minute ago I was afraid Jack was going to lose it, now suddenly I’m teetering on the edge.

Jaspen speaks up amused by our little interlude, "Do you understand what you need to do?"

I nod repeating what he told me the other day, "Find Alex and when I get there convince him that I changed my mind about…being with him." My voice cracks at the last part. I’m sad that Jack must hear this. It betrays us.

I continue, "Find out their plan of attack when, and how many people they have fighting, and what weapons they are using."

Jaspen responds, "Yes, and don’t forget…"

We both say at the same time, "Find out who is leading this attack."

He turns and tells us, "I’ll leave you to say your good-byes."

As the door closes Jack gathers me in his arms. His touch shoots the familiar sparks through my body and I focus as they travel down my fin and up into my neck. He lowers his face to my ear and whispers, "Ever, I love you. You are my heart. Please come back to me."

A tear rolls down my cheek. I move my face so my lips meet his and we kiss. This definitely will not be our last.

We pull apart and his hand lingers caressing my cheek.

"I’ll see you soon."

I smile and tell him, ‘I love you!"

I back away and close my eyes before I can have second thoughts. I feel his hand fall from my face and focus on the water far away to the South. It stirs around me and I can tell before I open my eyes that the light in the water has changed positions. I open my eyes and see the most incredible and scary sight all at the same time. The city is far in front of me. It is immense and beautiful. My stomach does a flip and I tell myself, stay strong.

Review: 5 stars
I was gifted all three of these book in exchange for an honest review. 
I decided that I had to read this trilogy when I saw the covers they are just beautiful!  I was excited when the chance to do the tour came up and I got to read all of them. Then I was a little nervous when I heard that it was a trilogy about mermaids.  I have never read a mermaid book before and I wasn't sure what to expect.  Well I loved it! I read all three of them and once I picked up the first one I couldn't put them down until I finished the last one. So this review may end up being about how much I love the trilogy as a whole because I read them back to back and loved them all.  It was so much more than I expected.  The series is a story of love, friendship, family, and fighting to figure out what is right.

Heather did an amazing job of writing the story so you are just engrossed in the characters and their lives that you forget about everything but the story.  I loved how the relationships grow and intertwine between the group of characters.

In Forever breathing she continues the story and without getting to much into it provides a fantastic love story, action, and the happy ending the readers all hope for even if it was a bumpy rode to get there.

I say don't be worried about the mermaid story like I was and read the series.

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About the Author:
Heather Allen is the author of Just Breathe, Barely Breathing, and Forever Breathing. Heather lives in sunny Florida with her husband and three children. She has dedicated her life to education for the past fifteen years with a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership. She finally realized her dream of becoming an author only recently. She savors every moment on this new journey and continues to touch the lives of children now, not only through teaching but also her books.
Find her at: Twitter: @kelconcar Her Blog Facebook Goodreads


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