Friday, July 19, 2013

Trust by L. Chapman Blog Tour

Book Description:
Lovely Megan Madden has lost her faith in men. But this has not kept her from the joy of her best friend's upcoming wedding. While in London shopping for the big event, Megan's life takes a surprising turn when a quick drink brings changes to her life she never saw coming. Join in the roller coaster of emotions Megan must endure as she attempts to regain her TRUST.

Who knew a quiet drink could change your life?

Book Review:
This book was a quick read.  Megan and her best friend are in London shopping and finalizing plans for her best friends upcoming wedding.  They're sitting in a bar for a quick drink and Megan meets Mark.  He's a handsome man who spends some time talking with her and wants to see more of her while she's in London.  He gives her his phone number and asks her to call him the next day if she wants to get together.  

I thought the story of Megan and Mark was a cute one.  This is an UK English book, so I did struggle a bit with the language.  There are still some words I need to look up.  These two were perfect for each other, however she didn't trust he really felt the same for her, though he told her time and time again he wasn't going anywhere.  She was it for him.  

I think the story could have had a bit more "meat" to it.  It seems like the major points to the story regarding Megan and Mark's past relationships were skirted over and didn't add too much to their love story.  I think it would have made the book much better.  It needed a little more drama, I think.

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