Friday, July 5, 2013

My French Vanilla by D.L. Kelly Review

Book Description:
Just-divorced Suzy Simmons celebrates the event with Margaritas and her best friend, Jackie. While they lounge on her deck, drinking and planning their future full of good looking rich men and swanky vacations, Suzy mentions that she'd like to take the cooking class at the community college, taught by Chef Robert Donvier, and Jackie agrees to tag along. The Chef turns out to be a gorgeous, brown-eyed hunk with a slight French accent, and soon things are simmering between him and Suzy. When he asks he to be his assistant for a local cook-off, she jumps at the chance to be with the handsome, sexy, and oh yes, rich, Chef Robert. The two become inseparable, and their love making is frequently enhanced by items from the kitchen. Before they can officially become a couple, Robert and Suzy must resolve issues with their former partners and in their private lives.

I have said in earlier reviews that I would not tolerate my husband having an affair.  Suzy came home one day to find her husband of many years having sex with another woman on his car.  Um...hello dude!  At least try to hide it why don't you?  So of course Suzy took him to the cleaners.  She got the house, he had to pay for their son's college education, and gave her a sizable settlement.  Suzy wasn't looking to find love again.  She just wanted to enjoy herself, but her BFF Jackie convinced her she needed to get back on the wagon.  

One of the new things Suzy decided to try was a cooking class.  The handsome, Chef Robert (pronounced Ro-bear) Donvier, is the teacher and spots Suzy immediately.  He asks her to stay behind and voila! amore.  These two had such a quick connection.  Suzy's BFF, Jackie, was instantly jealous and did all she could to be negative about the relationship until she saw how happy Robert made Suzy and got to know him herself.  Being a famous, handsome, French Chef you would think Robert would be stuck up and rude.  He was the exact opposite.

The author did a great job with this story.  I loved Suzy and Robert.  They have several issues to work through as a new couple, as usual, but soon become inseparable.  Of course there can't be a great story without some drama!  I won't spoil the book for you, but let's just say I didn't see some of the drama coming.  I really liked this book, it was easy to read and read quickly for me.  I think you'd like it too.  Ms. Kelly has done a great job bringing her characters to life and sharing them with us.  

Oh...and just like my hubby, Chef Robert, is a French Vanilla coffee man!  :-D

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!

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