Saturday, March 30, 2013

Brie's Trip Well Done!

Brie's Russian Fantasy (After Graduation, #3)

Book Description:

Russian intrigue, startling revelations, and submissive enlightenment… Brie’s trip to Russia exceeds her wildest dreams. The bond between Master and Brie grows deeper as he opens up about his mysterious past. While the Russian Dom, Rytsar Donkova, reveals his true nature, introducing the young submissive to a different side of BDSM.

The third novelette of the’ After Graduation’ series takes Brie on a journey overseas where unspoken desires, exploration and love know no bounds.

Extended Description:

Brie is thrilled to join Master on a trip across the ocean. Before she leaves, Brie is given insider information about Ms. Clark, tries to impress Marquis Gray, and takes her Master to meet the parents. The excitement doesn’t stop there as Master reveals more of his painful history and Rytsar challenges her darker desires. The trip to Russia would not be complete without her ultimate fantasy coming true…

Adult Reading Material (18+) This book is for mature audiences only and contains sexually explicit content.

Book Review:
In New Brie #2 Red left us with at least 14 "cliff hangers" to look forward to her addressing in the future releases.  There were a number of them addressed in this book.  Master got to meet Brie's parents, and they traveled to Russia to visit with Rystar.  

I tell you the info on Ms. Clark is hilarious.

The visit to the parents is a typical visit to parents that are over protective.

Masters reveals are insightful.

The visit to Rystar is fun fun fun!  :-) 

I love this series.  Brie is so young and soaks up everything she can learn about her new lifestyle.  She's willing to try anything once it seems and is willing to learn what will please her master.  

If you haven't read this series yet please read the book Brie Learns the Art of Submission first.  This like will take you to the compiled version of the series.  It's listed on Amazon for $5.99. That's 9 stories plus a bonus one that wasn't included in book 7.  Otherwise they're $0.99 each.

Looking forward to New Brie #4!!!  :-)

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