Monday, April 1, 2013

The Hills Part by Amanda White

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Book Description:

The Hills Party is the exciting and sexy first installment in the New Adult novella series "The Hollywood Twins" by contemporary romance author Amanda White.

Rachel and Hanna are identical twins, just out of college living the high life in Hollywood, California. Having the same stunningly beautiful appearance is as far as it goes when it comes to being identical. Their personality couldn't be further apart. Hanna is the fun-loving, outspoken "in your face" sister, working as a hip DJ, entertaining the Hollywood club crowd, while Rachel is more reserved, but has enough maturity to take care of both of them.

Being low on cash, Rachel and Hanna agree to entertain as DJ and bartender at a private party in Hollywood Hills. While working at the party, the shy Rachel meets the good looking young actor, Kyle Marwick. He takes a shine to the reserved twin, but she quickly finds that dating an upcoming moviestar is not without problems. Will love prevail or could jealousy divide the couple?

Book Review:

I always thought it would be great to be a twin.  Especially an identical twin.  Not so according to Rachel and Hanna.  Rachel is the dependent responsible twin and Hanna is the carefree worry free twin.  Rachel is concerned where their rent money for the next month is coming from.  Hanna is a dancing DJ and is asked for both girls to DJ a party for a Hollywood hot shot.  

Hanna tries her best to seduce Kyle but he only has eyes for Rachel.  Rachel can't see why Kyle would be interested in her and not Hanna.  Rachel's not as comfortable in her skin as her sister.

Ok so all this being said...there were areas in the book I thought should be longer or better described and some parts could have just been deleted for me.  But overall if was a decent read. I gave it a 3/5 stars.  There are two other books, so far, in this series.  I have not yet read those. 

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