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Unraveleing by Micalea Smeltzer

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Book Description:

Katy Spencer’s life fell apart two years ago. Since then, she’s closed herself off. She’s a shell of the person she used to be. The only person she trusts is her best friend Rollo, but even he can’t keep the nightmares away. Then she meets Jared. He’s the first man she’s been around since the event that she’s not afraid of. He makes her heart race, not in fear, but in a fluttering that could become something meaningful.

Jared can tell that Katy is broken. He sees something in her eyes that he’s often seen reflected in his own.




Jared is determined to get to know her.

He wants to solve the mystery of Katy Spencer.

He will… unravel her.

NOTE: This book is the first book in a series, but each book will follow different characters and be able to be read as a standalone, with no cliffhangers.
This is a New Adult Contemporary Romance and some content might not be suitable for younger readers.

 Book Review:

This book touched on some social issues that some may not be comfortable with but Micalea works her writing magic so the issues are not offensive and make the reader comfortable reading about said issues.

Rape is hard to deal with be it male or female rape.  I've had several friends that have been raped and afterwards were not the same people they were before.  It's a struggle.  They ask how did it happen to them?  What did they do to deserve to be raped?  The answer to that question is absolutely nothing!  You didn't seek to be raped, you didn't ask for it no matter how you dressed or strutted your stuff.  Regardless the selfish act of rape destroys something good in the victim.  

In Unraveling Katy lived a shell of a life.  She went to school, counseling, and hung out at home with her best friend Rollo, who's gay.  He does get her out to a club one night where she meets Jared.  She's amazed at the attraction she instantly feels with Jared and how a safe feeling wraps around her when he rescues her from a too touchy feely guy on the dance floor.  She runs into Jared again at the gym she decides to take a self-defense class and he askes her out.  Scared to death she turns him down but he's determined to get the girl who makes him feel again.

Both characters have haunting pasts for two individuals so young.  She's 19 and he's 24.  Jared is determined to help Katy find herself and be whole again to love.  

I thought this was a beautiful story and I loved the way Jared was determined and conscious of each action he takes with Katy.  She's a scared kitten but he's not the big bad wolf.  I thought his actions were very thoughtful and gentlemanly.  It's hard for a girl not to fall for a guy so sweet.

I give this book a 5/5!  Great Job Micalea!

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