Monday, May 20, 2013

The Serendipity of Karma by S.A. Price

Book Description:

CJM is the biggest music event in NYC, and Will it! Records has a showcase of their insanely awesome talent, headlined by Thirteen Shades of Red. Saffron, excited and proud of the band she manages, hits a road block with the festival and showcase--- Her ex, the man that ripped out her heart and stomped on it--- will be playing the showcase as a hopeful to get signed to Will it! Records.

Seeing Sonny Jace again isn’t high on her need to do list, and she knows that it will open a whole heap load of problems for her, especially because she is well over him, and enamored of Rhys, the rock star that stole her heart. But confronting her past means so many things, and will open new doors for her, the band and the relationship she has with Rhys. If they can make it through the showcase without incident.

This is a 12k word story, set AFTER the events of GIVING UP THE GHOST. For those that wondered about Saffron’s old relationship, and who want to see how Saff and Rhys and the band are fairing now.

Book Review:

You know some men are just rude, selfish, and think they're God's gift to mankind.  This is certainly true of Saffron's ex-boyfriend Sonny.  Seeing him at a large concert event in NYC Saffron realizes how lucky she is without all the drama associated with him.  The love she shares with Rhys is sweet and hot.  They are definitely a great match for each other.  

Also attending the event is Saffron's ex-best friend is attending the event with Sonny and wants to rub it in she's now shacking up with Sonny.  Saffron all but laughs in her face.  But the question is has the ex-bestie been with Rhys??

I thought this short was very well written and even though it's short it's a great catch up on the band and how they're all doing.  It also give you a taste of Winter, whose book will be out late fall.  I'm looking forward to reading about Winter.

It's great to see that Saffron and Rhys are still madly in love with each other and are willing to work through their insecurities by talking to each other before reacting.

If you'd like to read the beginning of Rhys and Saffron, purchase Giving Up the Ghost on Amazon here:

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