Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Choice by Sydney Lane Release Day Review!

Fate brought her here, but will her choices destroy her dreams?

Quincy Priest made all the right choices in her small town, black-and-white life. But being perfect is tiring. So. Very. Tiring.

Wanting desperately to step out of her sister's shadow, Quincy jumps at the opportunity to attend college with her best friend. The quiet bookworm with family secrets comes out of her shell. But when Quincy meets not one, but two perfect guys, she has to make a choice. In doing so, she might forfeit the relationship she secretly longed to find.

Declan. Sweet, handsome, and perfect. He makes her feel cherished for the first time in her life.

Brody. Sexy, hot, and irresistible. He could tear down her carefully built walls.

Before she can become the woman she wants to be, Quincy will make mistakes. And suffer one unimaginable loss

Note from Stephanie:
I started reading this book and my emotions got the better of me so I asked Laura if she would read/review it for me since I couldn't get myself together in time for this review to be due.  I have and interview w/ Sydney below the review though.  

Review by Laura:
 “I know enough to know that I’d like to kiss you right now. To know that if I do, it won’t be nearly enough.”  ~Brody

I like to jump into book blind most of the time.  I usually don’t read the synopsis and with some of them I have an idea of the storyline I may hear from word of mouth or people talking about them being good online.  That was the case with this book.  Stephanie asked me to do the review and told me it was about a girl who meets two boys and has to choose between them.  Well, she was right that is what the book is about and from the beginning I knew which one she was going to choose.  I read along waiting for her to realize herself what she wanted and do the right thing.  I got caught up in her relationships with these guys and how she was finding herself being away from home.  Then I was blindsided by the deeper part of this story and taken into a full on ugly cry.   I had no idea that this was an ugly cry book but after the tears cleared and I was really glad that it was.  The story was good when she was trying to decide between the two but the twist and the pain in the story took it to a whole new level.  I feel it really needed the depth to set it apart from other love triangle books.  This book is romantic, a little steamy, heartbreaking, and inspiring.

4/5 Stars


This passage is unedited and subject to change.

I am trying to force my feet to move when someone puts their hands on my shoulders and spins me around. Brody.
“I’m dying inside, Quince. Dying.” He is so close to me, I can feel his breath on my face. “My heart breaks every time you give a piece of yourself to him.”
“Brody, don’t.” I almost shout, desperate to escape his knowing eyes. I try to pull away, but he holds on tighter.
“Please! Please listen to me. You’ve never given me the chance to say anything, and now you are going to listen.” His voice penetrates the fog surrounding me. “Quince, I want to be the person you run to. I want to be the one you trust when the darkness falls. I want to know your dreams, and I want to breathe the air you breathe. I want to be the one who makes you smile. I just want to be with you.” He takes a deep, ragged breath. “Just trust me, Quince! Trust me enough to be with me. Let me love you every day for the rest of your life.”
I back away, shaking my head. “No.” I can’t breathe. My legs are weak. I don’t know if they’ll carry me, but I push away and walk past him. Forcing myself not to run, I panic. What if he follows me?
I don’t hear him, so I look over my shoulder. When my eyes meet his, he begs, “Fate brought us together, but God dammit, Quince! Make me your choice.”

Interview w/ Sydney Lane by Stephanie:

What’s your favorite line from any movie? Ah, yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it. ~ The Lion King

I've faced a lot of adversity in this lifetime, and I have found that you cannot outrun your past. It will always catch up to you. Embrace it, accept it, and you will overcome it.

You've just been hired to a promotions position at Kellog Co. What would you put in a new breakfast cereal box as a gimmick? A podometer - I'm all about getting my 10,000 steps in everyday!

If you could be a pair of jeans what style would you be?  Why? Relaxed fit - I am not stick thin, and I have a huge booty. I can't handle the super tight, form-fitting jeans that make me look like a stripper every time I bend over! And relaxed is something I'm not but wish I was!

You have multiple personalities, describe some of them. The dominating personality is a strict Type A with OCD and a severe case of anal renention. One of my lesser personalities is very funny, finding humor at the oddest times in the most inappropriate places. The last one is a mommy, wife, and daughter who just tries to get by.

What is the best thing you have done in your life? Having my children, of course! They have changed my life in ways I never believed were possible. Best. Thing. Ever.

What are your favorite hobbies? Like most of us, I love to read. Other than that, I love to spend time with my family. We like near a lake, and we can be found boating all summer long. I like to hang out and relax with my friends.

List five adjectives to describe yourself. Hmmmm.... funny, driven, short, talkative, obsessive

Name one of your favorite things about someone in your family. I have this funny little toe trick that I can do. I've never met anyone else who can do it.... until my oldest daughter came along! I love it!

Favorite place to eat? Cherokee Steakhouse in Tennessee

Favorite meal at favorite restaurant? Prime Rib and German potatoes

What's your favorite thing to do in the summer? Fall? Winter? Spring? In the Summer and Spring, my family can be found on our boat in Center Hill Lake. In the Fall, we love going to the pumpkin patch and picking out pumpkins with the kids. They go through the maze, and it is a highlight of the season. In the Winter, we love to play in the snow!

If you could visit any place in the world, where would you choose to go and why? Probably Ireland - I've always been enchanted with the history, architecture, and romanticism of Ireland. Now, the best beta reader ever lives there! I'd love to visit her!

If you could eliminate one thing from your daily schedule, what would it be and why? Shaving! I hate shaving! If I thought noone would care, I'd never shave again!

If you wake up as (name any famous personality), what's the first thing you would do? Prince Harry - WHATEVER I wanted! I love Prince Harry!

Name one funny trait you have, that you would like others to know. I don't know why people would care, but I put on my shoes before I put on my pants. 

Thank you Sydney for stopping by and answering a few questions for our readers! 


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