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Schooled Two by Deena Bright

The Final Lesson Plan
Schooled Two

“They’re baaack!”

The raunchy, witty gang from Schooled is back again, but this time what they lack in full-out graphic erotica, they more than make up for in humor, sarcasm, sexual innuendo, and believe it or not, emotional angst.

Now that Janelle Garrity’s reputation has been slandered all over her hometown, and the locals are referring to her as “Professor Pedophile,” she has a lot of cleansing of her good name to tend to. But that won’t stop her from still getting down and dirty with her sexy boy toys, Briggs Alexander and Leo Cling. Both men taught her about that four-letter word, lust. But, can they further her education and teach her even more about that other four letter word, love? Briggs and Leo both possess secrets that Janelle never saw coming. Will those secrets be too much for her, causing this teacher to dismiss class early? Or does Janelle Garrity, teacher extraordinaire, have that special ability to turn all situations into a “teachable moment” for everyone involved?

Inquiring and dirty minds want to know; will Janelle hold on to that hunky football star, taking him all the way to the end zone? Or will Janelle choose the romance-reading intellectual as her other half? The Final Lesson Plan will give you all the answers, and you won’t even have to cheat.

Deena Bright is a fantastic writer and the she doesn't disappoint on the funny either. I read Schooled a while ago and have been looking forward to Schooled Two!  

In Schooled we're left with Janelle, Leo, and Briggs leaving Janelle's brother's house and reporters walking up asking her about sleeping with underage students!  WHAT?!?  She never slept with underage students.  They were her students four years ago and now they're consenting adults and agreed on dating Janelle.  Her spiteful cheating husband is the one who put the media up to the charge.  

This book is so funny and of course Janelle is so in lust with both Leo and Briggs.  I have to tell you I'm on Team Leo.  But I will NOT tell you who she chooses.  Why spoil it for you?  READ the book!  :-)  

The book is full of funny remarks and sexual angst (thanks Deena for that), one of the best quotes I marked was "I loved that he was hard on arrival. (HOA was better than DOA) That was hot.  Too hot.  Wow."  Tell me about it.  I'd rather have HOA any day!  And these boys are HOT HOT HOT!  Sculpted, toned, yummy hot!

I really don't know how Janelle makes up her mind.  As she says "we [women] change our minds faster and more often than we change our of underwear during our cotton-stuffing weeks."  I feel the same way Janelle.  How can you choose between two yummy pieces of meat.  Or chocolate and vanilla.  Both men have such sexual prowless and both want Janelle like a lion staking it's prey.

Gah!  I can feel her pain here, as I'm pulling for one but understand the pull to the other.  Here's an excerpt for you:  

Driving to his apartment, my stomach is in knots.  I’ve made my decision, a decision that took nearly two months to make.  The bottom line is:  I fell in love.  I wasn’t supposed to, but I did.  I fell in love.  Unfortunately, I fell in love with both Briggs and Leo.  Head over heels, googly-eyed, take my breath away love with both of them.  Sounds cliché, I know, but I did.  Sadly enough, I couldn’t choose both of them; I had to make a decision.  Like Sophie’s Choice.  Holy Hell, not that hard, but hard nonetheless.  I made the decision; it was crazy hard, heart-breakingly hard.  Gut-wrenchingly hard. 

Today is the day.  I’m going to tell him that it’s him. I love him, and I already cannot imagine my life without him.  I think he’s going to be shocked; after all that we’ve been through, he doesn’t think he stands a chance, shouldn’t stand a chance.  Granted, he screwed up a few times this past month, making me question if he could really be the man that I needed him to be, could really take care of me and love me like I deserved to be loved, especially after all of the heartache I’ve endured.  It’s him though; I think I always knew it was him.  I was just too afraid to admit it.  I’m not sure people think we’re right for one another, but this time, with him, I feel it.  This is the real deal. This time, I’m thinking forever.

I put my car into park, get out slowly, and walk up the steps to his place, noticing how hot the handrail is in the late July sun.  It burns my hand, like I’m getting too close to the fire.  Icarus. No, not Icarus, this is not going to turn out badly; this is not going to crash in a fiery spiral downfall. I’m not afraid anymore.  Let it burn me; I’m strong enough now to handle anything, endure physical and emotional pain both, and still come out on top.  That much I know for sure now.

I take a deep breath and knock, hoping he’s awake. There’s no answer.  I knock again, a little louder with urgency this time.  After waiting a few minutes, I hear footsteps.  My heart flutters as I hear him approach, and I immediately think back to how much we’ve been through this summer, this past month.  The door opens and…

I'm sorry...I won't finish that for you.  You'll just have to read the book.  :-)

I give this book 5 stars!  Seriously, it's funny, sexy, and just down right yummy.

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